Started in September of 2017, Lady of the Light Productions is fast becoming a beacon of content in the Australian and International Film Industry. We offer a wide range of services throughout every stage of your production, along with a vast network of experienced production crew and award winning talent all around the world, including Los Angeles, Vancouver, Melbourne and London.

We also offer script coverage, content packaging, finance and pitch services to some of the major networks and studios such as CBS, NBC, Lionsgate, Legendary, AMC and Fox21.



Lady of the Light founder, Lucinda Bruce, is an Australian Film Producer with a background in Acting, Production and Broadcast. She has produced Shorts, Music Videos and several Feature films that have completed the festival circuit and have been nominated for awards internationally.

Already well-established as a prominent film producer and as one of the dominant voices for women in film in her homeland of Australia, Lucinda Bruce is now emerging as a leader in Hollywood, both as the formidable CEO/Poducer behind Lady of the Light Productions and as the Partner in Development and Production at Emagine Content. Bruce's uncanny ability to bypass institutional gate keeping and to build personal relationships with talent on every level of Hollywood's power structure has already started reshaping the expectations of what is possible in the independent film community.

The company's current slate consists of over 30 projects filming all over the world.



For general enquiries or production services, please contact us at


Script submissions are being accepted at this time but you will need to sign a submissions form before sending us any material.

**Any materials sent without a signed submission form being will be deleted.**

Script Submissions:

Separate to all standard Pre-Production, Production and Post Production Services, we also offer SCRIPTWRITING COURSES and SERVICES

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